Act for the planet

Act for the planet

Documentary (52’00) / 2008
Director: S. Braun
Brodcasters : Ushuaïa TV, Paris 26st International Environment Film Festival


What can a Japanese peasant, a young French manager and a Canadian economist have in common?

We are going to discover through their own personal stories that each of these characters has an atypical vision of its profession, particularly in every day work. This approach will be compared to the traditional habits that lead in each profession. Habits and principles they decided to break away from.

Everywhere in the world, in all economical areas, from micro businesses to global firms, entrepreneurs have given new look to capitalism. Only using their common sense, these sustainable development pioneers have swept away economical prejudges to establish a new growth pattern that leans on social welfare, ecology and market economy.

For them, new ideas are not the key of innovation; you just have to stop with the old ones.”


Selected at 26ème International Environment Film Festival, Paris
Opening of “festival international du film écologique” of Bourges 2008