Our philosophy

Convinced that television remains a tremendous informational tool for transmitting knowledge and innovations, the projects that we fund and produce convey the values that we hold dear.

As much aware of the present day’s social, economic and environmental challenges as we are of the importance of the media in the evolution of our behavior and attitudes, we have chosen to orient our editorial line towards the production of documentary films that offer another outlook on the world. We produce films that explore what makes us grow and makes us better: the beauty of the world and human ingenuity. Without falling victim to any naïve optimism, our approach is definitely positive and constructive, sensitive and poetic, bringing meaning and solutions for a more untroubled future.

“We protect what we love and we love what we know”… As producers, we strongly believe that we bear the responsibility for our editorial choices. Revealing and making known the world’s richness to better protect it… Arousing curiosity, offering the keys to a better understanding of our era, fostering the desire to discover other people and places… That sums up the mission that we have given ourselves, in order to make our own small contribution to the construction of a better world.

Muriel Barra – Co-founder, producer and manager