Le monde des Papous

Le monde des Papous

With Mundiya Kepanga and Polobi Palia
Format : International documentary series (3×52′)
3 episodes : Etats-Unis, Italie, Oman
Series director  : Marc Dozier
Coproduction : Planète
Distribution : ZED


And if we looked to the world with a fresh and unconventional eye ?

Rediscovering our planet through the eyes of two Papuan tribal chiefs: wise and witty, curious and critical, Mundiya Kepanga et Polobi Palia, a pair of unconventional main characters, propose just that. Natives of Papua New Guinea, they decided to leave their village to explore the five continents and discover the world’s big tribes, their cultures and their way of life. Between humanism and common sense, this series offers us a fresh and original take on our planet.